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New Year, New You, New Austin

New in Austin

January can mark the baseline for how people live the rest of the year, with many new diets, workouts and resolutions. Austin is built for success as one of the fittest cities in the U.S. and the most fit city in Texas.Over 350 miles of public trails, three stunning lakes and an average of 230 sunny days a year make it simple to stay fit within city limits. Austinites can take it a step further and stay true to their roots, eating consciously, locally and organically thanks to seven weekly farmers markets and homegrown grocers.

As the city continues to grow, convenience and accessibility are making it easier to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To help make it easier, here is a curated a list of innovative workouts, health conscious takeout and convenient nutritious delivery options:
  • Beetnik Foods – organic meals available in grocery stores or for home delivery
  • Daily Juice – not just fresh juices, also to-go options like salads and entrees with meal plan options by the day, week or even month
  • My Fit Foods – breakfast-dinner options to-go, or sign up for meal plan delivery
  • Picnik – pickup paleo or gluten-free options for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Royal Blue Grocery – prepared to-go entrees available, open until midnight daily
  • Snap Kitchen – consciously sourced, prepackaged meals ready to heat and eat with gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options too
  • Wheatsville Coop – meat or veggie options at the hot bar with ready-made salads, wraps and curries at the deli
  • Zen Japanese Food Fast – sushi, spring rolls, edamame to-go

Or to mix it up, here are unusual new workouts in Austin:

  • Aerial hoop class – a 45-minute, full-body strength training class, suspended from the ceiling with choreographed routines
  • Circuit training and muscle recovery –  an intense workout and day spa combination
  • City Surf – yoga or cardio class options focus on core stability and strength training while on a balance board
  • GlideBoard – no-impact cardio workout that’s easy on joints to improve strength, stability and endurance
  • Indoor rock climbing – free 45-minute classes twice a week are included with a day pass or membership
  • Indoor rowing – low impact cardio workout above Lady Bird Lake with a 2nd location coming to Tarrytown
  • Wake surf class – running May-October, reserve a space in the wake surfing class on Lake Austin
  • Yoga booty ballet – a workout dance class combining meditation, cardio dance, ballet, and hatha yoga

austin workout routines


Finding a workout routine that fits a busy lifestyle can be a challenge. Our agents have varying schedules and a demanding, 24/7 workload. Here are some samples of what works for them:

  • “The best trainer in town is Rachel Smith with Me Time Fitness!” says Shannon Windham,REALTOR®. From the top of Mt. Bonnell, to the grounds of Laguna Gloria, each workout location makes Shannon appreciate Austin’s natural beauty. “Rachel is creative, she sees a hill and gets excited about doing squat jumps up and lunges down or doing bench deeps on a low stone wall overlooking Lake Austin.”
  • Leah Petri, REALTOR® and her boys work out as a family in their cul de sac with Roman Rodriguez, their personal trainer. “The kids have fun and we get a workout in every Saturday morning.”
  • Robin Banister, Broker Associate, works with a trainer at Intense 22, focusing on weight machines with slow, deliberate reps. “The thermostat is set to a cool 64 degrees, I’m done in 22 minutes and I burn calories all day long.”
  • Love Cycling Studio is Megan Whatley, REALTOR®’s, favorite Austin workout. “I love David and Katie’s intense 45-minute cycling classes.  The class is a rhythmic-based cycling class, it’s like dancing on a bike,” Megan details.
  • Tammy Koen, Broker Associate, is a member of the Gazelles running group that meets at Luke’s Locker. Coach Gilbert Tubonye offers a variety of levels and distances for race training or maintaining a year-round cycle. “The relationships and friendships you develop keep you going,” says Tammy. “It’s nice to know your group will be there weekdays for training and Saturday mornings for your long runs.”
  • Dana Dean, Broker Associate, runs the 3.2-mile loop around lady Bird Lake with her APA! Rufftail Runner dog buddy. The shelter dogs get much-needed exercise and they make Dana pick up her pace.
  • Megan Gattis, REALTOR® loves Corepower classes with Gillian. “She is so theatrical and adorable and makes me laugh even when I’m about to collapse from all of her squats and burpees!”