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School will soon be back in session, although it may look a bit different this year! Adjusting to the new normal can be tough for both parents and children so we’ve rounded up some tips to help kiddos (and parents) nail their new study-from-home routine.

Virtual Learning: Set Up For Success

Create A Work Zone

At the end of last year, parents and kids threw together makeshift workspaces as schools quickly transitioned to distance learning. As the new school year is quickly approaching, now’s the perfect time to help kids set up an area that is conducive to focused and effective learning. By creating separate, quiet work stations for both parents and children it can help alleviate distractions, stress, and conflict.

Virtual Learning: Set Up For Success

Streamline The Workspace

Less is more! Now that there is a designated work zone, streamlining the workspace and eliminating clutter will limit distractions and help promote focus. Any craft essentials like paper, glue, beads, and paint can easily be stored in bins in a drawer or in another room.

Virtual Learning: Set Up For Success

Stick To A Schedule

Creating and sticking to a daily schedule can help bring calmness and structure to your home. If the school is not providing a daily schedule, be sure to designate certain times as learning times. A visual schedule may also be helpful with younger kids so they see what the day holds. That being said, remember to give yourself the flexibility to shift schedules if something isn't working.

Virtual Learning: Set Up For Success

Stick With Familiar Routines

Drop-off zones and backpacks aren't getting the same use as previous school years. Try lining backpacks up on hooks and treating them like cubbies. Then end each day by dropping off all school books, folders, and papers in their bags. Maintaining work-home boundaries can be just as important for kids as it is for adults!

Virtual Learning: Set Up For Success

Virtual Learning Alfresco

When the weather is nice, move the classroom outdoors! The fresh air and shift in scenery will re-energize and refocus everyone. Also, simple routines like daily walks will help with limiting screen-time and may help improve academic performance.