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It may already be the end of August but we still have more summer days ahead of us, especially here in Texas. With summer’s heat hanging on a while longer and few more pool lounging soirées in our future, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pool accessories to help you up your pool game.

CREATE YOUR OWN POOLSIDE RESORT  |  What would a pool be without the perfect spot to lounge? Whether you like lounging in the shade or in the pool, we’ve got a few of our favorites below that will have you relaxing in style in no time.

MAKE A SPLASH  |  When it comes to floats, your options are endless. From flamingos to ice chests to floats for your drink, fun floats are a great way to add a bit of personality to your pool.

MOOD LIGHTING  |  From string lights overhead to lanterns, having the perfect outdoor lighting will make it so your pool soirée can stretch way past sunset.

TURN YOUR POOL INTO A PARTY  |  With summer coming to an (almost) end, there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with a pool party! Adding some pool + yard games like floating table tennis or giant dominos will take your soirée to the next level, for all ages.