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GOT STYLE: Tips For Styling Shelves

Styling shelves can become a design project in itself as you decide on the correct objects and right distance and pattern to create visual interest. The great thing about arranging shelves is that it is easy to rotate your collections, giving you an easy option for updating your room or changing your décor to match the season. Between choosing a color palette and layering pieces, we’ve got some styling tips for your shelves and bookcases.

Tips for Styling Shelves

Pick A Color Palette

Shelves with a color story will have the most cohesive look. It doesn’t have to be the same color throughout but choosing two or three shades and repeating them will give the shelves an intentional, pulled-together look. If styling shelves in a room with a bright paint color, be sure to include some neutrals to tone the palette down. This will create balance and ensures that your shelves aren't too overwhelming.

Tips for Styling Shelves

Use Pieces You Love

Be sure to use pieces that are special and have meaning to you. Whether it’s an heirloom or your child’s artwork, mixing in these types of pieces will make the shelves more personal. Your home should be a direct reflection of you and your shelves are the perfect place to do that!

Tips for Styling Shelves

Books Are Your Friends

This may seem obvious, but shelves look great with books on them. They don’t need to be packed to the brim, but using books will make the shelves feel and look more natural. Books can also make great platforms for sculptural objects that will add interest and texture to the overall look. Alternating stacked books horizontally and vertically can also help break things up and create a less cluttered feel.

Tips for Styling Shelves

Mix in Some Artwork

There is so much amazing artwork out there and who says it needs to be hung on a wall? Showcasing your favorite art pieces on your shelves is another way to add personality and interest, so pull out all of your art and experiment until you get the perfect look!

Tips for Styling Shelves

Add Height and Depth

When arranging items on your shelves make sure that the objects vary in height and depth for a larger visual impact. Whether you choose to display a vertical piece of art, a tall vase, or overlap some of your photo frames, add something that draws your eyes in. You can also go beyond the limits of the shelf by adding a draping plant to the edge and letting it cascade to the shelves beneath it.