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GOT TIPS: Staying Neat and Tidy

It’s officially spring and a great time to declutter, organize, and make each space of your house more functional. One of the simplest and stylish ways to corral the clutter is by using a combination of baskets, trays, jars, and canisters in each room to give everything a home. We’re sharing a few of our favorite functional spaces below and how you can get the same look.

Tips for Staying Neat and Tidy

Organize For Your Actual Life

Organize for your actual life, not your dream life. A particular organizational system might look fabulous, but if it doesn’t work for your day to day life, it probably won't last in the long run. Make things easy by keeping everyday items at arm’s length with canisters, bowls, and trays.

Tips for Staying Neat and Tidy

Room For Edit

Give yourself some room for edit by not using up every inch of space. Some breathing room will allow for new items to be introduced without spaces starting to feel immediately cluttered. Baskets and boxes are great ways to store any influx of additional items.

Tips for Staying Neat and Tidy

Hit the Reset Button

Hit the reset button. Staying organized and clutter free will always be an ongoing battle. Resetting your systems once or twice a year is a great way to assess what works for you and purge any unwanted items.

Tips for Staying Neat and Tidy

If It Works, Use It

When you find a system that works well, repeat its success throughout the house. Trays and baskets are an easy go-to for any space. Trays are great for anchoring smaller items such as keys, soaps, or personal items on your nightstand. Baskets work well for snacks in the pantry, shoes in the mudroom or linens in the closet. Whatever works best for you, use it!