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GOT STYLE: Mixing Modern and Traditional

Sometimes two styles are better than one. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of following a specific style – contemporary, modern, traditional – the most impactful spaces are the ones that effortlessly combine elements from various styles. In settings that lean more towards a traditional style, a modern piece can make it feel new and fresh. On the other hand, mixing a few traditional items with modern decor helps add warmth. Below we’ve included a few tips and inspirational looks that will have you mixing modern and traditional styles in no time.

Mixing Modern and Traditional


The entry can set the tone for the rest of the home. After furnishing the space with the essentials, it's time to think of the space in terms of layering: add smaller vintage pieces, objects, and art of the opposite style. Keep in mind, incorporating the 80/20 rule into a space will help ensure the styles work with each other instead of against. Devote 80% of the room to one style and 20% to the accent style.

Mixing Modern and Traditional


Mixing styles keeps a room from feeling stale and one-note. Adding smaller furniture pieces of the opposite style - antiques, abstract art, or soft furnishings will make the space feel unique and personal.

Mixing Modern and Traditional


Whether your style leans more towards modern or traditional, mixing styles in the kitchen can make it even more interesting and warm. Think marble and wood, modern light fixtures and a vintage rug, clean-lined and glamorous. Sticking to a consistent color palette will help ensure that the room looks coherent even while featuring a variety of styles.

Mixing Modern and Traditional


Mixing the style of table and chairs is one of the simplest ways to blend styles in the dining room. Adding aesthetic touches like a modern light fixture, an antique hutch, or traditional rug will help carry over the diverse look while keeping it balanced.

Mixing Modern and Traditional


The bathroom is another great space to incorporate a mix of styles. Mixing in either traditional or patterned tiles, a contemporary tub with a vintage style fixture or an antique sink vanity with a sleek marble top.