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GOT STYLE: Dominating Design Trends

As we enter a new decade of design, we are taking a look at design trends that dominated this previous year and which ones will continue to make an appearance. While popular trends like jewel tones and natural elements won’t be going away entirely, they will certainly evolve in the upcoming years.

Dominating Design Trends

Curved Details

Interiors with soft lines and organic shapes have grown in popularity. Pieces like circular couches, round chairs, and sloped decor are both elegant and a bit unexpected. From furniture to accessories, expect to see more of this trend in the upcoming year.

Dominating Design Trends

Jewel Tones

From paint to upholstery, jewel tones can transform any space into a room full of personality and elegance. Take this trend to the next level by creating a space full of a bold monochromatic color.

Dominating Design Trends

Natural Elements

We loved seeing the use of more natural and raw elements throughout design this previous year. The neutral color palette of these elements makes for a good starting place when decorating. From architecture to furniture, this design trend will continue to bring texture and warmth to any space.

Dominating Design Trends

Bold Wallpaper + Tile

Bold and graphic wall coverings offered a great way to have a little fun and add personality to any space. Not ready to fully commit to this ongoing trend though? Bathrooms are a great place to start - experiment and have fun with color, pattern, and materials.

Dominating Design Trends

The Non-Kitchen

With concealed appliances, no hardware and adding in warm accessories, the non-kitchen creates a non-traditional kitchen space that simply extends from a living area. Although we expect to see less and less sterile white kitchens, they will continue to resemble more of a living space that you also just so happen to prepare food in.

Dominating Design Trends

Moody Marbles

Light, bright, and white has been the dominant look in design. However, we’ve seen a shift towards dark and moody tones and we love how it can add an elegant and modern touch to any space. While we are expecting to see a gravitation towards non-marble countertops, the moody and warmer tones are here to stay.

Dominating Design Trends

Feminine Hues

The use of warmer colors and feminine tones grew in popularity and instantly updated a tired room. Cool tones with continue to be on the back burner, while warm, natural colors will take over in homes.