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GOT DRAMA: Our Tips For Going Dark

Over the last several years, light, bright, and white has been the dominant look in design. It is classic, safe and will never go out of style. However, we’ve started to see a shift towards dark and moody tones and we love how it can add an elegant and modern touch to any space. See our tips below on how you can add some darker hues into your life.


The Kitchen  |  By adding darker cabinets, appliances and or even a simple black feature wall, it creates a sleek and modernized look to the kitchen.


The Bathroom  |  Dark fixtures, tile or stone bathtubs and sinks are all great ways to add a touch of moodiness to any bathroom space. 


The Living Room  |  Adding darker hues to a living room doesn’t take away the brightness from the space but rather creates warmth.


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