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GOT INSPIRATION: Create a Home Gym That Inspires You

It’s easy to stick to your daily workout routine when your gym can be found right down the hall. Transforming your current lackluster fitness room or creating a brand-new gym for your home while maintaining the design integrity you desire can be easier than you think. Even if it’s a basket in the corner of the family room where a yoga mat and dumbbells live, create a space that is amongst your favorites, so you’ll relish spending time there.

Create a Home Gym That Inspires You

An Extension of Your Home

The home gym is no longer a last thought when it comes to home design. When the pandemic caused public gyms to shut down, it also propelled the home gym from an afterthought to a design priority in most homes. Creating a space that is an extension of your home rather than a white box with rubber floors will make sticking to your fitness routine more enjoyable.

Create a Home Gym That Inspires You

Create a Flexible Space

Home gyms are offering more flexibility than before. With more classes available online and compact pieces of equipment such as Pelton bikes, Mirror systems, and TRX bands there is less needed to get a full-blown workout. Therefore, home gyms are now also great spaces for creating a place to meditate and unwind rather than just a space for hard-core workouts.

Create a Home Gym That Inspires You

A View and Plenty of Natural Light

The days of the grungy pain cave or the unfinished basement with a dusty weight bench are over. Somehow a workout seems less daunting when you have sleek decor, a beautiful view, and plenty of natural light waiting for you and encouraging you to start (or end) the day strong.

Create a Home Gym That Inspires You

Create a Cozy Environment

Creating a space that doubles as a place to hang out between exercise sessions will make the environment warm and welcoming. Think a space with a level of finish and lighting equal to that of a living room that also features a fireplace and a few comfortable chairs where you can just grab a book, sit down, and relax.

Create a Home Gym That Inspires You

Have Fun!

One of the joys of designing a personal home gym: It can be whatever you want, not only when selecting fitness equipment, but also when choosing materials, colors, and finishes. It doesn’t have to be cold and sterile so have fun and create a space with personality and warmth.



Want to try something new? From outdoor row classes to online classes, we’ve got you covered with a variety of Austin’s best (and safe!) fitness options.

Austin Bouldering Project  |  Take rock climbing but lose the ropes and harnesses, and you have bouldering.

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CorePower Yoga  |  Muscle meets yoga, combining free weights and cardio to intensify each yoga pose. Classes available via live stream.

801 W. 5th St  |  512.542.9642

DEFINE body & mind  |  A combination of barre, cycling, yoga, trampoline, hammock, and much more.

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MOD Fitness  |  Athletic approach to barre-based workouts, combining resistance training, cardio, and yoga. Classes available via live stream.

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Ro Fitness  |  A now outdoor rowing studio, made by rowers for your total-body cardio workout.

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Sky Candy  |  Trapeze, silks, pole classes, and many more circus arts. Be sure to book ahead for a private class.

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SoulCycle  |  An indoor cycling class that feels a lot like a dance party.

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SUP ATX – Paddleboarding  |  Rent or have a socially distanced SUP party on Lady Bird Lake.

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