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GOT STYLE: Ahead Of The Curve

Lately, we’ve been finding ourselves drawn to interiors with soft lines and organic shapes. Pieces like circular couches, round chairs, and sloped decor are both elegant and a bit unexpected. No doubt about it, we’re here for the curves!

Austin Victorian by Change Co
Dining area
Chaise lounge in a living room

COUCH  |  Curves offer a contrast to today’s design and architecture by breaking up the hard lines that can be found throughout modern interiors.

Los Angeles Pacific Palisades by Change Co
Window bench dining table
Hamptoms family getaway by Change Co

TABLE  |  Pairing curved chairs to a squared-off table or mixing in a round coffee table into a living room will not only create a balanced space, but also add visual interest.

Studio Session 108
Los Angeles Pacific Palisades by Change Co
Beach Haven waterfront by Change Co

CHAIRS  |  Need more space? The sloped silhouettes of circular-shaped chairs are great for sneakily creating more visual space in tight quarters.

Los Angeles Pacific Palisades by Change Co
Large dining room
East Hampton post modern by Change Co

LIGHTING  |  From elegant chandeliers to traditional table lamps, curved light fixtures can create more visual interest to any space.

Living room
Moody powder room
West Village waterfront by Change Co

DECOR  |  Accessories such as rugs and pieces of art that are scalloped, curved and organic-shaped offer another a simple way to bring the trend home.