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ADD TO CART: What our Agents are Eyeing + Buying

The best things in life are local! From spring must-haves to the makings of the perfect evening, here is a sneak peek of what our Gottesman Residential agents are eyeing and buying.


Clay Pots and Boxwoods

Thompson and Hanson

Now that it’s officially spring and we’ve said goodbye to the cold weather, I’ve got some clay pots and boxwoods from Thompson and Hanson in my cart to help freshen up my outdoor spaces.

Jocelyn Johnson, REALTOR®

White Jeans

Kick Pleat

A pair of white jeans is the simplest way to brighten up any wardrobe for spring. My favorite pair are by R13 at Kick Pleat.

Laura Gottesman, Broker


Assouline Books

Wendow Fine Living

The Assouline coffee table books from Wendow Fine Living are a must-have for me! They can be such a personal, beautiful gift or a fun refresh to your own coffee table or bookshelf.

Beth Durrett, REALTOR®

Workout Gear

Hive + Honey

I love the workout gear and gifts at Hive + Honey. They have a great curated selection with something for everyone.

Jessica Stathos, REALTOR®

Violet Crown theater

Movie Tickets

Violet Crown Cinema

I love a simple evening snacking on popcorn and catching a movie at Violet Crown.

Anne Giles, Broker Associate

New Textiles

Wildflower Organics

Wildflower Organics is one of my favorite stores to grab new throw pillows or lighter blankets from for the new season. They have a fabulous selection and make it easy to make any space feel like new.

Megan Gattis, REALTOR®



Food! Food!

I always have something from Food! Food! in Tarrytown in my cart on any given day. It is definitely my go-to for lunch 3 or 4 times a week.

Mark F. Moore, Broker Associate

Easter Items

Picket Fences

My cart is currently full of Easter items for my grandkids from Picket Fences. They always have the best-handpicked selection!

Tammy Koen, Broker Associate


A Belt

Zilker Belts

Zilker Belts is such a cool local company! All of their pieces are high quality and make for the perfect gift.

Leah Petri, REALTOR®


Tillery Street Plant Company

With spring in full bloom, I love to head to Tillery Street Plant Company for seasonal plants to freshen up any space or a custom succulent arrangement for the perfect gift for any occasion.

Blake Sayers, REALTOR®


Seasonal Decorations

Tarrytown Pharmacy

Tarrytown Pharmacy is one of my favorite stores that makes my heart so happy. They are my go-to for seasonal decor items.

Anna Hardeman, Broker Associate