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GOT INSPIRATION: Turning To Our Listings For Inspiration

As we spend more and more time at home currently, the importance of home design and functionality has increased. We’ve turned to our very own Gottesman Residential listings for inspiration in finding the perfect finishing touches and styling ideas that take any basic space into dream home territory.


During these uncertain times, our homes have become spaces that do it all – from home school to the office to the gym! Multifunctional rooms offer the flexibility to seamlessly blend two functions into one space that is both inspiring and productive.

More now than ever, people are taking advantage of their outdoor space. A chic patio should feel like an extension of your indoors. Adding a rug and some indoor-esque furniture will instantly make the space cozy, inviting, and create a seamless indoor/outdoor experience.

Earth tones, colors that are rooted in nature, have increased in popularity and offer soothing, subdued hues that tend to be quite versatile. Muddy shades, moss greens, and taupes all fall into the earth tone category and never fail to make an interior feel more homey.

Wanting to experiment with a bold color or floral wallpaper? Bathrooms are a great place to start and have fun with colors, unique materials, and fun wallpaper.

We love adding in more natural elements into a space. It can easily bring in so much warmth and texture. Stone accents, wood or brick elements, or even just a natural color palette will add the perfect organic touch to any space.

Sometimes two styles are better than one. While it’s easy to fall into the trap of following a specific style – contemporary, modern, traditional – the most impactful spaces are the ones that effortlessly combine elements from various styles. In settings that lean more towards a traditional style, a modern piece can make it feel new and fresh. On the other hand, mixing a few traditional items with modern decor helps add warmth.